You have the fuel. I light the fire.

Jason Simms

Jason Simms

With a strong background in performance as well as business, there's nothing I love more than connecting with audiences large and small. I specialize in helping people get excited about using qualities they already possess to overcome challenges in communications, marketing, PR, sales, and strategy. 

My approach is highly animated and interactive. There will be movement and anecdotes. Members of the audience will be challenged to think on their feet, and so will I. We will definitely laugh. Everyone will walk away with a broader perspective, and specific techniques that can be implemented right away.

How can I enliven your event or conference? How can I help galvanize your staff or members?


customized workshops and presentations

More often than not, I am asked to create a session or presentation unique to the audience, organization, or occasion. In fact, every talk I give is customized and distinct. Below are several topics that can serve as starting places. If none of these suit your need, I would be thrilled to discuss how I can create something that will.



Organizations that control their own destiny don't have a roadmap; they simply don't accept roadblocks. Whether you are adapting to changes in your industry, entering a new market, or launching a new product or service, no one is going to open the door for you. You have to allow courage and creativity to lead you in. Colored by anecdotes of trespassing and trailblazing, this lecture outlines how you need to be to get where you want to go and to be welcomed when you get there. 



Imagine you've never heard of your organization and you begin learning about it by talking to people in and around it. What would you find most remarkable? It's easy to get so wrapped up in what we do, that we lose the ability to think about it objectively. Yet, that's exactly what you must do to reach a larger audience and have your message resonate. This lecture provides the tools for a way of thinking that renews and rejuvenates executives, as well as marketing and sales staff.


Ignored no more: start conversations without being pushy

As a reporter and a public relations consultant, I have developed a wide range of techniques for successfully communicating with just about anyone. In this interactive session tailored to your organization, I can help your team find new ways to accelerate partnerships and customer relationships toward conclusions everyone is happy with.