Awareness + Trust = Opportunity



Press coverage is typically thought of as a way to gain exposure and build awareness of your brand. Indeed, this is one part of the value that press coverage offers an organization. Through targeted media placements, you can get in front of the people you need to reach. Of course, there are easier ways than editorial press coverage to get in front of these same people, such as advertising, email marketing, or social media. However, press coverage offers something no other type of exposure does: credibility.



It’s not enough for your target audience merely to be familiar with you. To achieve your goals, you need those you want to work with to take what you stand for to heart.  When an objective media outlet sees your story as relevant to its readers, it validates the importance of your work and inspires trust in those who can make a difference in your success.

The phrase, "Don't believe everything you read in the papers" exists because, by default, we do believe everything we see in the media. The way we view and process editorial coverage is different from how we take in marketing. We may not think about it consciously very often, but we know that media coverage in a reputable outlet exists only because the information is interesting and true. When an outlet covers you, you become part of this pact with their audience.



With the right strategies in place, the reach of press coverage extends beyond the outlet that covers you. We understand that the greatest value of press coverage is unlocked when it is used to support the rest of your marketing and sales. In addition to generating press coverage, we work with our clients to put that coverage into play.

Once obtained, media coverage is a tool you have for the rest of the life of your organization. By strategically utilizing it in both the short and long-term, you will attract more leads to your front end pipeline, increase your conversion rate, and strengthen existing partnerships that bring you closer to your goals. We guide our clients in using their press coverage to enrich all of their outreach. It becomes part of your brand. You are no longer standing behind your message alone. Objective third parties are standing with you, and the results are profound.



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