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We seek out and coordinate opportunities for our clients to be showcased in objective media outlets.  Through targeted media placements, you can get in front of the people you need to reach. This can take the following forms:


These are stories about you or (something you’re doing) created by journalists based on their own original interviews and research, as well as materials we provide. This is typically the most powerful type of coverage, and the best way to make the most of a big moment in your organization. 


These are articles submitted by you about topics that are important to your industry or verticals. We arrange these opportunities and help you draft the copy, or ghost write based on an interview with you. This type of coverage is perfect for organizations with a high level of knowledge and expertise and is often flexible as far as timing.


These are stories in which you are included as a source. The story could be about your industry, a trend, a topic in the news, or another organization close to you. This type of coverage can be a great first step into major outlets. 

The media we target is chosen specifically to suit each client and each story. We place clients in local, national, and international media including new media, such as blogs and podcasts; traditional media, such as newspapers and magazines; and broadcast media, such as TV and radio. We're happy to provide examples of coverage we have brought about for our clients. If you'd like to see something specific, just ask.

The scope and objectives of each campaign we take on is customized based on the goals of the client, and the opportunities their story allows for.


There are easier ways to boost awareness of your brand than press coverage, such as advertising, email marketing, or social media. However, it’s not enough for your target audience merely to be familiar with you. Awareness is more valuable when coupled with credibility. When an objective media outlet sees your story as relevant to its readers, it validates the importance of your work and inspires trust in those who can make a difference in your success.

The way we view and process editorial coverage is different from how we take in marketing. We may not think about it consciously, but we understand that media coverage in a reputable outlet exists because the information is interesting and relevant to the audience.


With the right strategies in place, the reach of press coverage extends beyond the outlet that covers you. In fact, the greatest value of press coverage is unlocked when it is used to support the rest of your marketing and sales. In addition to generating press coverage, we work with our clients to leverage it.

Once obtained, media coverage is a tool with a long lifespan. By strategically utilizing it in both the short and long-term, you will attract more leads to your front end pipeline, increase your conversion rate, and strengthen existing partnerships that bring you closer to your goals. We guide our clients in using their press coverage to enrich all of their outreach. It becomes part of your brand. You are no longer standing behind your message alone. Objective third parties are standing with you, and the results are profound.


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