When great companies with compelling stories connect with the press, good things happen. We make sure of it.


We seek out and coordinate opportunities for our clients to be showcased in objective media outlets. This can take the following forms:


These are stories about you created by journalists using press materials we provide, or their own original interviews and research. Example of client feature →

Submitted Articles

These are articles submitted by you about topics that are important to your industry or verticals. We arrange these opportunities and help you draft the copy, or even ghost write based on an interview with you. We also offer writing and editing as a stand-alone service. Example of client article

Source Placements

These are stories in which you are included as a source. The story could be about your industry, a trend, or another organization close to you. Example of source placement →

We generate media coverage for our clients in traditional media, such as newspapers and magazines; new media, such as blogs and podcasts; and broadcast media, such as TV and radio. We're happy to provide examples of any type of coverage you're interested in. Just ask

Shared Objectives

Many firms consider media coverage a success. We go further and view your business objectives as our objectives.

Press coverage can directly bring your organization closer to your goals. More often than not, however, there is a greater return on investment to be realized by integrating your press coverage into your communications. We help our clients develop and implement media strategies to get the most out of their coverage.

Supporting your outreach

Press coverage provides a powerful tool that makes all of your marketing and sales activities more effective. There's a reason movie advertisements and book jackets quote reviews. What other people say about you inspires more trust than what you say about yourself. 

Since press coverage comes from verifiable, objective sources, it is the most potent way to legitimize what you do in the eyes of potential partners and customers. Those individuals may not read the paper the day your story comes out, or may not have been watching the channel you were on, so we help our clients close the loop.

This idea guides every step of our process and looks different for each client.  What remains constant is that we view press coverage as the beginning of an opportunity, not an end unto itself.